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Gallery of grantees


United We Stand 

United We Stand is very grateful to our Councilmember Curren D. Price, Jr. as he has been a blessing to us. The grant has been invested in the community and given us the opportunity to do so much for the Green Meadows Community. We held 5 community events serving more than 400 people, created a Public Safety program for seniors, and a beautification program for community residents.


We would also like to give a special thanks to CRCD for supporting us as a first-time grantee. CRCD guided us through the grant process and shared priceless knowledge with our team.


St. Patrick’s CHURCH 

The CD 9 Community Grant has enabled us to reach out to the broader community, be of service to the homeless in the streets of our neighborhoods, and assist the elderly and the sick and shut-in who were not being visited prior to this. In addition, we have established an anti-racism task force that will extend our reach into the larger community.


Thank you to CRCD for their support. Working with a Senior Pastor who is not technically equipped, I could not have done this without their generous time and support.  

Cover the Homeless 

The CD 9 Community Grant is wonderful and highly needed. So many people do not have money to cover basic needs such as food, and we appreciate everything Councilmember Price is doing to support them. This is the first grant that I have received, and I have been doing this work for 40 years. I was afraid to ask for grant money and have been paying out of my own pocket and getting help and donations from others. This grant truly is a blessing and goes a long way to support those in need. With the help of CRCD, I have also learned a lot about budgets, reporting, and other important procedures. When you find good people, it gives us the strength to keep going on. Thank you for all the patience you have with us. Thank You!

cover the homeless.PNG

Mt. Salem Church 

The CD 9 Community Grant Program has made a major impact on communities in District 9.   


Through this opportunity, Mt. Salem Church addressed many issues that we face in South Los Angeles. The Community Grant Program allowed us to support a Thanksgiving event for those most in need, host town hall meetings to address police activities, traffic safety workshops, and back-to-school events.


We would like to thank CD 9 and Councilmember Price for all of his support and collaboration with Mt. Salem. Thank you for making CD 9 a greater place to live.  

Ex-Offenders Fellowship Network

With the help of the CD 9 Community Grant, the Ex-Offender Fellowship Network has been able to assist over 1,300 people. We hosted Healing Circles in the community along with dialogue amongst young men and women. We also hosted job readiness training and provided job assistance programs. Lastly, we held a large community event, which gave back to over 1,000 residents with jobs, resources, and healing during the most difficult time when so many families are in need. 

scf fda.PNG

CRCD has helped my nonprofit grow to help the community of South LA. Our mission is to provide fitness, dance, and art classes to communities with health disparities in order to help residents take control of their health. CRCD and District 9 have provided classes to help me manage my board and grants better. In addition, I was given an array of new networking opportunities to help grow my classes. The resources have been very valuable for my nonprofit looking to help a community in need. Thank you for your services!

South Central Foundation for
Dance and Arts  

Walker Temple A.M.E Church 

The CD 9 Community Grant Program has allowed Walker Temple Church to expand its service to the community and to better serve those in need. We have been able to establish a food pantry to provide groceries to hundreds in our community on a consistent basis. We have been able to support families that face food insecurities and, most importantly, have instilled hope back into our community. As people face hardships, they are reminded that there are organizations such as ours that are serving, caring, and addressing their needs.

walker temple ame.PNG

The CD 9 Community Grant Program is a blessing to Council District 9 youth. The Baptist Ministers Conference assisted over 300 kids in District 9 with access to programs for photography, academic tutoring, and producing podcasts. Because of these programs, some of our youths are now inspired to make their own podcast and go into journalism.


This is the first grant we have received, and it has been a great opportunity. It has also been a pleasure to work with CRCD, as they are very professional and have helped us along the way. We look forward to other grant opportunities to support our work!

Baptist Ministers Conference of
Los Angeles and Southern California 

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